The Joy of Expressing Ourselves

By Larry Arasin Thank you to all who attended the Sunday Social Art Share on June 21and the Art Party on June 26. Both of these events were intended to raise the creative energy at the Shambhala Center. The range of artistic expressions shared this month is truly inspiring. Within the walls of the center … Continue 

Why Do We Do That? Questions and Answers about Shambhala Culture and Decorum

By Charlotte Brodie QUESTION: What is the purpose of chanting, and why are there so many different chants? ANSWER: We do chants for a variety of reasons, using a variety of chants that are applicable at different times of the day or year. One reason is to help us transition between our everyday activities and … Continue 

Pat Responds to Our GoodNews Challenge–A Shower of Petals

(Thank you very much for writing, Pat! Everyone: See below how YOU can contribute to this column.) Is it possible that this spring is the most stunning of my entire life, or is my appreciation and capacity to receive beauty growing? I sat today, looking at a line of blossoming trees before me. The sidewalk and … Continue 

Fun(d)raising Auction Coming Soon!

Join us Sunday, May 31, 12-2 p.m., for our Fun(d)raising Auction. Have fun, help stabilize center finances, and leave with some wonderful books, items and services. After a light lunch at noon, members Dan Brown and Scott Perry will auction off a host of items and services including statues, malas, thankas, wall hangings, a cabin … Continue 

The Practice of Bowing

Why Do We Do That? Questions and Answers about Shambhala Culture and Decorum QUESTION: I notice that many people bow when they enter and leave the shrine room and at other times. What is the meaning of the bow? ANSWER: “The practice of bowing in Shambhala is a way to extend one’s dignity and to … Continue 

Knitting and Sitting–Practices of Paying Attention

by Trina Magi (with Phil Lavigne) I recently talked with Phil Lavigne, a member of the Burlington Shambhala Center and a meditator for about four years, about knitting. How long have you been a knitter, and how did you learn? I’ve been knitting since I was about 11 years old. I had rheumatic fever and … Continue 

The GoodNews Challenge

The Gift of Clean Water by Trina Magi (See below how YOU can contribute to this column) I was home sick recently, and knew something was wrong when a torrent of water came blasting out of a retaining wall on the side of my front yard and began flooding the street. A water main had … Continue 

Kerstin Responds to the “GoodNews” Challenge: Doing Something about Climate Change

(Thank you very much for writing, Kerstin! Everyone: See below how YOU can contribute to this column.) For a shining example of someone who approaches a great challenge (climate change) with a positive attitude and creativity, look no further than Charlotte actor and writer Kathryn Blume. She designed an interactive community sustainability game that is not … Continue 

Touching the Earth Series: Rocks, Tracks, and Trees

If you missed our recent winter field walk, these pictures and reflections will give you an idea of what it was like. Certainly these eleven people thought that looking at rocks, tracks, and trees at Burlington’s Lone Rock Point was the best way to spend a wintry Sunday afternoon! What Claudia said: “I particularly enjoyed … Continue 

The “GoodNews” Challenge

  Silent Comfort From A Stranger: Therese Responds to the “GoodNews” Challenge (Thank you very much for writing Therese!  Everyone: See below how YOU can contribute to this column) I was driving in the Old North End in the midst of a very busy day, settled in a very hectic week, amidst lots of struggle … Continue