Pictures from Myra’s Farewell Party

Thanks to Kathy Webb, we have pictures to remember our farewell party for Myra Woodruff, who will be starting as Karme Chöling’s new director in February.  The love and gratitude for Myra and all that she has given to our Center and our sangha are hard to convey in words, but maybe you can catch … Continue 

More Haikus!

…thanks to Herb Schroeder: Big round yellow eyes; The black cat stops, stares at me, Silently sneaks by. Bare branches reach up Spreading out in the cold air, Embracing the sky. – Herb Schroeder   Haiku challenge:   Please send us your own haikus, inspired by the cold or anything else that stopped your mind … Continue 

New Year’s Greetings

Warm and heartfelt New Year’s greetings from the Burlington Shambhala Center community to everyone receiving this message.  Sending out deep thanks to all of you for your sustaining interest and effort in keeping our practice center bright, uplifted, and cheerful throughout the past year. Our Center, as a reflection of the Shambhala vision altogether, exists … Continue 

Winter Haiku

  A shock of turquoise Warms the winter sky strata. Cold blues, grays and white.   By Carol Snow Photo by John McKelvy Haiku Challenge!  Please send us your own haikus, inspired by the cold or anything else that stopped your mind recently.  If you need a refresher on what haikus are and can be, … Continue 

Gathering Goodness in New York City

By Tasha Lansbury Earlier this month, I attended the “Gathering Goodness” weekend in New York City led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, along with other teachers including Acharya Adam Lobel. Two things that struck me were that Acharya Lobel was very funny and the Sakyong was so normal. I had anticipated the weekend as contemplative, quiet … Continue 

The Manual Labor of Enlightened Society

I still remember some of the questions in my mind when I first started coming to our Center:  Who maintains  this place?  Who pays the rent?  Who pays for all the tea and cookies?  Who makes all these beautiful flower arrangements?  There seemed to be no staff, no pleas for money, no tangible stress around … Continue