Greenland - Ancient Wisdom to Our Changing World

August 10th (2018)

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    by Jane English - co-creator with Gia-fu Feng of an edition of the Chinese classic, Tao Te Ching

    For millennia,the Kalaallit (Greenlandic) people not only survived but thrived in a land of cold winter darkness and summer midnight sun, a place where the natural world was both spectacularly beautiful and unforgivingly harsh. Survival required that practical knowledge and skills be integrated with a rich inner life so that, within each person, family and community, both the seen and the unseen were woven intricately together in the ceremony of life.

    Calais, Vermont resident, Jane English, has studied with Angaangaq, a Greenlandic elder whose work is acclaimed in promoting interracial and intercultural harmony. Jane has participated in ceremonies in Greenland four times, two in summer and two in winter. This evening will include a slide-show of photographs of Greenland, combined with an interactive introduction to the traditional teachings of the Far North of Greenland.

    Please join us for the special evening!

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