Power, Monarchy, Hierarchy: A Shambhala Community Exploration

with Alexandra Vlasic & Kate Raddock

April 20th—April 21st

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  • $30.00 Full Price
  • $150.00 Patron Price
  • $1.00 Repeater Price

Join us for a weekend to explore the confluence of societal power dynamics and Shambhala teachings on power, monarchy, and hierarchy. We will take time to examine our personal relationships to these topics, engage our minds and hearts, express the questions that we hold, and work with these issues as a community - not to find answers, but to create a greater field of inquiry and shared experience. As a group, we will practice holding paradox, making space for nuance, and finding common humanity within a multiplicity of experiences. The weekend will include meditation, contemplation, embodied exercises and group discussion.

Open to everyone in the Shambhala Community. Participation is encouraged for all of Saturday OR the whole weekend. Recognizing that Sunday's topics deserve a thorough primer of the topic discussed on Saturday, we will not be accepting drop-in participation on Sunday.

Due to the size of our spaces and the exercises planned, there will be a registration limit of 40 participants. Therefore, you must register if you plan to come!!

Bring a lunch, or eat locally.



9am - 12pm         Power: Examining our Part in Societal Power Dynamics
12pm - 1:30pm    Lunch
1:30pm - 5pm      Power: What is Empowerment?


9am - 12pm         Monarchy: As Concept, as Governance, and within Shambhala Dharma
12pm - 1:30pm    Lunch
1:30pm - 5pm      Hierarchy: Exploring Conventional and Natural Hierarchy

About the Teachers
Alex Vlasic has been practicing meditation and studying dharma within the Shambhala Buddhist lineage for 8 years. She is a facilitator, writer, Shambhala teacher, and assistant teacher to the UnTraining White Liberal Racism program. She also serves as co-facilitator for Shambhala's White Awareness Council. She lives in Plainfield, VT with her resplendent partner Kate.

Kate Raddock has been a practicing student of the Shambhala lineage since 2011. Kate is a massage therapist, energy worker, nature-lover, Shambhala teacher and a hoot. She lives in Plainfield, VT with her brilliant partner Alex.


Program Fee

In order to support the continued operation of our beloved center, to honor the time and energy of the teachers, as well as to make this program accessible, we would like to offer a Sliding-Scale Fee. The suggested range is $30 to $150* There will be a donation bowl at the center or if you prefer to send electronic payment in advance, we now are able to accept PAYPAL payments: https://www.paypal.me/shambhalacenterbtv

Please contemplate how much you can truly offer at this time based on your circumstances. Per our Generosity Policy, no one will be turned away for financial reasons.

*When registering, you may choose a donation pledge of $30 (Full Price), $150 (Patron Price), or use the place-holder of $1 (Repeater Price) if your donation is undecided at this time.