Spring Meditation Intensive: The 9 Stages of Shamatha

with Charlotte Brodie & Daniel Brown

April 17th—April 18th

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    Developed by a long lineage of meditation masters, the Nine Stages of Shamatha Meditation provide a map of the meditative process from the wild and busy mind to the perfection of equanimity. Through them, meditators can come ever closer to the true nature of the mind, with its inherent stability, clarity and strength. The teachings provide guidance for each stage, including what is to be achieved, the types of powers to employ to achieve those accomplishments, the types of problems and imbalances of attention to be overcome, the quality of the experience of the meditator, and the degree of mental discursiveness, or lack thereof, accompanying each stage. Proceeding through the stages is marked by increasing enthusiasm for practice and joy in developing harmony with our true nature.

    Our Spring Practice intensive will offer participants a chance to explore the Nine Stages of Shamatha in depth. The weekend will include instruction on each stage, with longer periods of actual meditation in which to contemplate and practice the teachings. The intensive will be offered via Zoom on Saturday, April 17 and Sunday April 18, from 9 am to noon and from 1 to 4 pm, and will be led by Dan Brown and Charlotte Brodie.

    The Intensive is offered by donation as you are able and inspired.

    Please register below if you would like to participate for any portion of the weekend; registrants will receive an email with a Zoom link and other participation information several days prior to the event.