Shambhala Training Level 1

January 19th—January 20th

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  • $100.00 Full Price
  • $140.00 Patron Price
  • $50 Repeater Price

This training will focus on the process of connecting with the richness of being human.  At the heart of this richness is the ability, in the face of inevitable stress, to use our inherent intelligence and caring.  Access to these important qualities is what we can practice and strengthen. 

That is precisely what we will explore this weekend. The program includes meditation instruction, talks on the Shambhala principles of dignity, kindness and joy, and discussion groups to share our experiences of this material together. 

This weekend is the first of five  "Shambhala Training" weekend. The series altogether is based on the idea of helping and serving this world.  We start with cultivating a genuine connection with our own wholesomeness, resourcefulness, and inspiration.

Schedule: Jan19th evening and Saturday Jan 20th. It is a prerequisite for the second weekend in the series, Birth of a Warrior, which we are offering in February 2024

A generosity policy applies for those for whom the full price would prevent attendance. Please contact Dan Brown to arrange at [email protected] 


Director  -  Dan Brown

  Daniel Brown has been practicing and working with these teachings for the past 35     years.  Sharing this material with others is one of his favorite things to do.  He is recently retired and going through the process of discovering what to do with himself.