Shambhala Day Celebration

February 11th

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    Shambhala Day is the celebration of the Tibetan New Year, which brings with it a sense of fresh energy and optimism for a positive forthcoming year. This upcoming year is characterized by the Tibetan Calendar as the Year of the Wood Dragon, and is associated with the qualities of wisdom, confidence, cleverness and honesty, and the potential for working well with others and being able to compromise when needed.
       Our Center is already experiencing signs of "spring," with new growth, new members, and fresh enthusiasm.  Building on this and our commitment to fostering a positive sense of community, we are inviting everyone to come prepared to share some aspect of their personal lives that is worthy of celebrating by the entire community.  In this way, we can get to know each other better, and cultivate our innate capacity for "sympathetic joy" for the happiness of others.  We do, in fact, have so much to appreciate about our lives!
       The schedule for the day is as follows:
    9:00- 9:30 Public sitting
    9:30-10:30  Shambhala Sadhana group meditation practice (all are welcome!)
    10:30-11:00  Center and Global News, Center announcements, new members recognition
    11:00- 11:30  Celebrating our Causes for Celebration
    11:30- 11:40  I Ching Reading
    11:40- 11:55  Contribution to the Center Ceremony  
    11:55- 12:00  Sit to Close
    12:00-1:30   Lunch