Practice Events

White Tara: A Soothing Practice for Difficult Times

January 27th—February 22nd

This five-week recorded course introduces the short daily practice of White Tara, one of the most famous bodhisattvas of compassion in Tibetan Buddhism. Continue »

Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos - A Year-End Protector Practice

February 13th—February 22nd

To dispel the karmic accumulation of personal, social, and environmental chaos at the (lunar) year's end, we recite the Mamo Chants together for ten days prior to Shambhala Day. Continue »

Refuge Practice: Arousing the Motivation for True Freedom from Samsara

April 5th

Open to those who have taken their formal Refuge Vow with a Shambhala preceptor and received the practice of taking refuge, "Arousing the Motivation for True Freedom from Samsara" Continue »