Practice Events

Burlington Community Practice Intensive

with Shastri Sharon Keegan

October 19th—October 20th

Practitioners of all levels are invited to join in this two-day practice of spacious mind. Continue »

Refuge Practice: Arousing the Motivation for True Freedom from Samsara

November 3rd

Open to those who have taken their formal Refuge Vow with a Shambhala preceptor and received the practice of taking refuge, "Arousing the Motivation for True Freedom from Samsara" Continue »

Qigong Level 3

with Sophie Leger

November 23rd—November 24th

Prerequisites: Gigong Levels 1 and 2 (taken together). Hua Tu's Five Animals Calisthenics and tendon-changing Techniques. The five animal forms covered are: tiger, bear, deer, monkey, and bird. Continue »