The Good News Challenge

bus image

One of the most important Shambhala teachings is the reality of basic goodness. When we open our eyes and pay attention, basic goodness is all around us. We invite you to share stories about basic “goodnews” in everyday life, whether it’s an anecdote about someone’s small act of generosity or kindness, or a newspaper story that touched you.

Example from everyday life: A moment of kindness at the bus stop, by Trina Magi

The temperature was 8 degrees. The Pine Street No. 5 bus was late. Waiting and watching together, we had exchanged a few pleasantries—another bus rider and I. As the bus at last approached, I reached for my bus pass. But my pockets were empty—all of them. I checked again and groaned, “Oh no, I must have dropped my bus pass somewhere.” My fellow bus rider—a woman I had never met before, smiled and said, “Just use mine; I have plenty of rides on it.” I had already opened my wallet and was searching for the fare, but she insisted. “Really. . .use it,” she said, and handed me her card.

Example from the news: A story about the “Department of Invitations” – an initiative that connects Swedish families with refugees over dinner, seen by Kerstin Lange.

Please send your “goodnews” to Trina Magi at [email protected]!