Harvest of Peace and the People’s Climate March


This year, the weekend of Harvest of Peace coincides with the weekend of the People’s Climate March. This event is timed during an important climate change-focused week in New York, that of the United Nations Climate Summit 2014. Related to this, representatives of worldwide communities of faith will be gathering at the United Nations Church Center on September 17 for a day named “Our Voices – Bringing Faith to the Climate Talks”. Acharyas Marty Janowitz and Adam Lobel will both be speaking at this event. We will have video of their talks available to show you at our Harvest of Peace Celebration this Sunday, September 21.

In an article in the current Shambhala Times, Acharya Marty Janowitz suggests that “a healthy connection to our world encourages us to participate in our lives, our communities, and our global society” and proposes that “participation is a choice, first to be open to ourselves and others, then to extend ourselves with unpretentious interest and curiosity, and ultimately to engage, motivated by some combination of shared goodness and responsiveness to needs. I believe that such an attitude is particularly important at this upcoming equinox. We have not been good to our planet and to our fellow sentient beings. The natural patterns of harmony just spoken of are badly ruptured. This is finally capturing our attention because it is going beyond those beings and systems we have hurt and is now bouncing directly back at us. We refer to the most consequential piece of this natural karmic backlash as ‘climate change’.”

You can read Acharya Janowitz’ full article here.