Kerstin Responds to the “GoodNews” Challenge: Doing Something about Climate Change

small kathryn-13(Thank you very much for writing, Kerstin! Everyone: See below how YOU can contribute to this column.)

For a shining example of someone who approaches a great challenge (climate change) with a positive attitude and creativity, look no further than Charlotte actor and writer Kathryn Blume. She designed an interactive community sustainability game that is not only fun but free–and involves an ice cream party! Find out more about it here. The deadline for participating in the upcoming round is March 23. If you want to be part of a team with fellow sangha members, please contact Eric Higley at erichigleyvt(at) or 338-8947.

About the “GoodNews” Challenge
One of the most important Shambhala teachings is the reality of basic goodness. When we open our eyes and pay attention, basic goodness is all around us. We invite you to share stories about basic “goodnews” in everyday life, whether it’s an anecdote about someone’s small act of generosity or kindness, or a newspaper story that touched you. Please send your “goodnews” to Trina at trinamagi(at)