Pat Responds to Our GoodNews Challenge–A Shower of Petals

Photo by Marcos Brandariz; creative commons license at

Photo by Marcos Brandariz; creative commons license at

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Is it possible that this spring is the most stunning of my entire life, or is my appreciation and capacity to receive beauty growing? I sat today, looking at a line of blossoming trees before me. The sidewalk and grass at my feet were covered with a confetti of perfect white and pink petals.

A young girl and her grandfather approached, holding hands and chatting. She was shuffling through the petals, and as she looked up to see where they had come from, her grandfather reached up and gently shook a branch above her head. For a long moment she stood in the center of this shower, arms reaching out, hands up. Then he took her hand again and they went on.

About the “GoodNews” Challenge
One of the most important Shambhala teachings is the reality of basic goodness. When we open our eyes and pay attention, basic goodness is all around us. We invite you to share stories about basic “goodnews” in everyday life, whether it’s an anecdote about someone’s small act of generosity or kindness, or a newspaper story that touched you. Please send your “goodnews” to Trina at trinamagi(at)