Contentment in Everyday Life

Sakyong Mipham RinpocheContentment can feel very elusive in our everyday life. It’s not uncommon to experience insecurity, anxiety, and self-consciousness. Every day we are either feeling these emotions or busy protecting ourselves from feeling them.

Sakyong Mipham Rimpoche recognized this suffering and created the course Contentment in Everyday Life to help us reduce this feeling of ‘dis’ease.

Bill McPheters and Barry Gruessner guide us through this course on cultivating a gentle and friendly relationship with our every day lives. Through talks, guided meditation, contemplation, and discussion, we gain understanding and experience of unconditional contentment as well as exploring the obstacles and challenges to experiencing simplicity and nowness. This course is beneficial to new and experienced meditators alike.

We are pleased to offer this course starting on November 15.

Meet the Teachers


Bill McPheters has over 30 years of experience teaching Shambhala principles. It all started in 1978 when he became a member of Dharmadhatu (the predecessor to individual Shambhala Meditation Centers) in New York. In 1985 he moved to Karme-Choling and spent 3 years there honing his skills. Since then he has taught many classes and kept on learning. This summer he completed Scorpion Seal Year Two.

In his free time, Bill enjoys Watercolor Painting, playing his guitar, and most recently his ukulele.

Barry Gruessner
Barry Gruessner has been practicing and studying meditation for over 15 years and teaching in Shambhala for over 10 years. He has run more than a dozen marathons and has taught workshops based on Sakyong Mipham’s Running With Mind of Meditation. Barry works in education in Burlington, VT.