Timekeeper Training

with Doug Stark

February 22nd (2018)

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    A well-trained Umdze gives life and potency to the practice.
    —Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

    This training is a requirement for all aspiring Umdzes (Timekeeper) and a recommended refresher and update for existing Umdzes.

    We offer this training to revitalize and update the Umdze role and to begin to introduce some of the newer practices that the Sakyong has established for Umdzes at the Shambhala Ritual Academies. The Sakyong has emphasized consistency in how we lead a session. By being consistent from person to person in the umdze role, we create an atmosphere of sacredness, steadiness, and freedom from confusion so that meditators can have a positive and wakeful experience.

    The training will include:

    • A talk on the View and practice of being a Shambhala Umdze
    • Instruction on the many facets of Umdze practice
      • Opening the center and preparing the meditation hall
      • Relating with the Shrine, including an introduction to the new Ancestral Method of Offering Incense
      • Bowing
      • Using the Gong and other instruments
    • Questions and answer period
    If you have experience being a Umdze and have not received this training, it is essential that you participate in the training to create the consistency the Sakyong has requested. If you aspire to be an Umdze, the only prerequisite to attend is that you have received meditation instruction and have a meditation practice.
    For questions, contact Doug Stark at [email protected]