Shambhala Day 2019 - Year of the Earth Boar

February 10th

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    SHAMBHALA DAY marks the beginning of the New Year, and represents one of the most important traditions of Shambhala Buddhism. Based on the traditional Tibetan New Year’s celebration of Losar, the day is calculated astrologically according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, and changes every year to coincide with the annual lunar cycles.

    This year, the offical date is Monday, February 5th, but in order accommodate more schedules, we will hold our Shambhala Day celebration on Sunday, February 10th. Please save the date!! Together, we will enter the New Year of the Earth Boar and welcome its qualities of trustworthiness, simplicity, and honesty.

    Shambhala Day is traditionally a time for fundraising at the international level. We will be supporting this effort as part of the Year of the Earth Boar, Shambhala Day 2019 Campaign. All funds raised will support the Shambhala community and Center and Member Services, as coordinated by Shambhala Global Services, which provides all the critical infrastructure, support, and resources on which centers, groups, and members worldwide rely.

    You can click here to view a comprehensive overview of Shambhala Global Services.

    Schedule for the day TBA

    Please register if you plan on attending - it would very much help us plan for food and seating!