Shambhala Training Level 2: Birth of the Warrior

March 16th—March 17th

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  • $100 Full Price

Having experienced a taste of basic goodness in Level 1, we want to go forward.

Meditation practice allows us to observe how we create a cocoon of habits to mask our fear. We begin to appreciate that there is no fundamental obstacle to experiencing basic goodness.

This weekend Level of Shambhala Training intensifies the discipline of meditation practice, enabling us to work with obstacles that may have arisen as meditation practice develops. We also explore how habitual ways of thinking and experiencing obscure the raw brilliance of the world we live in and our own genuineness and tenderness.

We warriors learn how to work with the fear that occurs when we move forward out of these habitual patterns.

“The point of Shambhala Training is to get out of the cocoon, which is the shyness and

aggression in which we have wrapped ourselves”    Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche

Shambhala Training is a path to develop the dignity of being human, using meditation as a means to develop fearlessness, confidence, openness, and gentleness toward ourselves and toward our world. The second in a series of trainings, Level Two includes instruction on meditation, talks by the director, individual meetings with teachers, and discussions with other participants.

Prerequisite of Level One entitled either Ordinary Magic, Art of Being Human or Belonging to This World.


Director.  Bill Barry

Bill is a meditation practitioner, meditation instructor and teacher within the Shambhala Buddhist lineage.  He recently moved to Burlington from Karmê Chöling in Barnet, VT. where he lived and worked for four and half years. During his time at Karmê Chöling he held the positions of Deputy Director and Finance Director.