Amplifying Sonam During the Solar Eclipse

April 8th

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    Sonam is the Tibetan word for merit. The word itself has a deep connection with the
    foundations of Buddhist teachings that far exceed its simple English translation. The
    ability to recognize the significance and meaning of our merit relies heavily on
    understanding the complexity of karma and the subtle causality of all events.
    In Tibetan Buddhism, there are special occurrences and days that are considered
    auspicious - the effects of our actions are amplified. One such event is a solar eclipse.
    On April 8, the day of the solar eclipse, Dungse Jampal Namgyel will teach on Sonam,
    karma, and how we can develop a new understanding of causes and conditions to
    support our progress on the spiritual path.
    Dungse Jampal Norbu is the son and Dharma heir of Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and the
    teacher Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel. Dungse-la teaches classical Mahayana Buddhism for
    modern meditators. Don’t miss his fresh and contemporary approach to communicating the
    Dharma! More information on Dungse La can be found here.
    Price: $20 (at the door)