Savor the Gift of Silence at Our Winter Practice Retreat

buddhaBy Elizabeth Kanard

The Community Winter Practice Retreat (Dec. 24-31) at the Burlington Shambhala Center is an excellent time to create peace within oneself and to extend it to others. We
all can get very busy in our lives, especially during the holiday
season. This retreat is a beautiful opportunity to take time to give yourself the gift of silence, sanity, and perspective.

The program will include extended sitting practice and
inspirational readings from Sakyong Rinpoche’s book, Ruling Your
World. These short passages can be used for contemplation and further
understanding of core Buddhist teachings. The teachings in Ruling Your
World specifically address taking one’s seat in a sane and clear way
with compassion for oneself and all beings.

The retreat is free, and you don’t have to attend the entire retreat. To register and to see details about dates and times please click here.